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The visitors of Dubai Museum “Al Fahidi Fort” have a chance to get rich, full and important knowledge of the very old history of Dubai that related with different people and nations across history. Visitors will get familiar with the different situations of urban and rural lives in Dubai, whether they are maritime, seaside, desert, mountain or agrarian life. Rare faithful monuments, original models, sketches and maps, audio and video media are dispersed all over the annexes of the museum. The museum consists of the memorials wing, which displays old monuments such as ceramic, weapons, tombs, structures and urban societies. The wing of Dubai between the past and the existing, the market in the 1950s wing, displays complete examples shimmering the market atmosphere, sellers, shops and goods sold in those times.

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There is also the old-style home and masjid wing, the retreat wing, desert, story of the water and desert at night. There is also the stargazing and natural marvels wing along with a sea wing that takes the tourists on a breath-taking tour to get to know shipbuilding and the production of shipping tackle, the occupation of pearl diving and the maritime life on the floor of the Arabian Gulf. Also, there is the legends wing, as well as the weapons and Old Dubai defence wing. In the centre of Fahidi Fort lies a large yard that is used for exhibiting models of boats and bamboo houses with their old-style furniture.

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A visit to Dubai Museum “Al Fahidi Fort” offers a chance to get familiar with the history of Dubai, which gives an imprint that Dubai’s current growth, innovation and differences are only a continuance of a journey of a unique and illustrious civilization that was subjected to changed values and people, as well as an example of the strong bond with Arabism and Islam. The contrast between old and modern Dubai, which are detached by a few number of years, show you the great, nonstop efforts that led Dubai to its current state of progress and inventive. It also unites the sureness that all that Dubai has become today is created on an intensely rooted evolution. is presenting assured tickets of Dubai Museum to make your tour enjoyable.


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