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Bakra Cash Pe is a comedy stage play. Its part 3 will entertain the people at Sheikh Rashid Auditorium in Dubai on 23 February 2017. Bakra Cash Pe Part 3 is featuring Shakeel Siddiqui, Krishna, Kashmira Shah, Rauf Lala, Wali Sheikh, Pervaiz Siddique, Roofi Anam, Naeema Garaj.

Shakeel Siddiqui is a Pakistani television stand-up comedian better known as ‘Teeli’ in Pakistan. He rose to prominence in Bollywood after appearing as a contestant in Comedy Circus. Although he didn’t win, he became so popular that he was hired as a co-host in the second season of the show. He was paired to actress Urvashi Dholakia in reality show, Ustaadon Ka Ustaad.

Shakeel Siddiqui also appeared as a celebrity guest in Salman Khan’s reality game show, Dus Ka Dum (2008) and as a guest judge in Boogie Woogie dance competition. He was also a participant in the third season of Comedy Circus, dubbed Kaante Ki Takkar. Today he appears on all major channels of Pakistan for his performances.

Shakeel was best known for his time in India for the show Comedy Circus where he was critically acclaimed as a king of stage comedy, he later stepped out of the competition by himself and participated separately on fan’s choice alongside Urvashi Dholakia initially and, Shruti Seth and Mona Singh at the final season of his appearance. Among the other participants he became role model and participants like Swapnil often referred him as the best stand up of the show. Satish Shah and Archana praised Shakeel for his tremendous performances and cracking furious jokes on Shruti Seth. He appeared in Game Show Dus ka Dum on Sony Television.



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