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Khabardar Comedy Show in Doha, Qatar

Khabardar is an Urdu and Punjabi comedy television program that airs at 11:05pm on Thursday to Sunday every week on Express News – a Pakistani news channel. Aftab Iqbal is host the show. The

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Visit Dubai Dolphinarium to Enjoy Exciting Dolphin and Seal Show

Dubai Dolphinarium is the first indoor dolphinarium in the Middle East, providing environment to dolphins and seals, letting the public to watch and interrelate with them through live shows and photo sessions. It is

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Enjoy Exciting and Informative Tour of Arabia Wildlife Centre

The Arabian Wildlife Centre is the only ‘zoo’ in Arabia which shows all the animals naturally occurring in the Arabian Peninsula, both current and inexistent. Opened in September 1999, this outstanding ability houses over

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Al Fahidi Fort offers a Visit to Historic Museum in Dubai

The visitors of Dubai Museum “Al Fahidi Fort” have a chance to get rich, full and important knowledge of the very old history of Dubai that related with different people and nations across history.

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Selena Gomez, performing live in Dubai 2016

Selena Marie Gomez conceived July 22, 1992, an American on-screen character and artist. Having showed up as a youngster in the kids’ TV arrangement Barney and Friends, Gomez rose to distinction as the main

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Zayn Malik to perform live in Dubai

Zain Javadd “Zayn” Malik conceived 12 January 1993, who records mononymously as Zayn, is an English artist and lyricist. In 2010, Malik tried out as a performance artist for the British unscripted tv music

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Rashed Al Majed live performance in Dubai

Rashed Al-Majed conceived 1969 in Manamah, Bahrain, is a Saudi Arabian artist, performer, and record maker. He has been dynamic since 1984. Rashed Al-Majed is a standout amongst the most well known vocalists in

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Rahat Fateh Ali Khan live in concert in Dubai

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan or RFAK (conceived 9 December 1973) is a Pakistani artist, basically of Qawwali, a reverential music which is considered the music of the Muslim Sufis. He is the nephew of

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Burj Khalifa: Tallest Building of the World

Burj Khalifa recognized as Burj Dubai prior to its inaugural ceremony, it is a very tall building in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). The world’s tallest structure is standing at 829.8 m (2,722 ft).

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