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Rashed Al-Majed conceived 1969 in Manamah, Bahrain, is a Saudi Arabian artist, performer, and record maker. He has been dynamic since 1984. Rashed Al-Majed is a standout amongst the most well known vocalists in the Middle East and has discharged very nearly 40 records. His tunes regularly have enthusiastic and sentimental subjects. He has worked with the Saudi national operetta in Jenadriyah and has recorded with them more than eight times. He has played out various shows in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, France, and the United Kingdom. Furthermore, he is one of the biggest makers in the Middle East, owning the Art Jazeera channel and a half stake in Platinum Records with MBC Group. Almajid’s profession augmented over three decades. Consistently, he could grow Arabic music and build up a wide fan base all through the Persian Gulf and North Africa.

Almajid’s imaginative trip began at 15 years old, Almajid’s first tune Hilwa ya al Bahrinya (You quite Bahraini young lady) was telecast through Bahrain TV in the show Bab Asindibad (Sinbads Door). Almajid’s first open collection went to showcase late 1984 which was called Aah Ya Qalbi (Oh My Heart) while Almajid was still fifteen. The collection included five melodies of which most were co-delivered with his educator Hamad Al-Hamad. The most popular of these tunes was Al-Barha (Yesterday), which was the opening topic of the show Nimr Bin Idwan. In the year 1986, Almajid discharged his second collection titled Lee Bint Aam. A melody from that collection with the same title had the greatest achievement and the best reaction from fans particularly in Arab States of the Persian Gulf.In the year 1987, Almajid discharged the collection Khal Al-Taghali in the style of Arabian Jalissa where a considerable measure of Oud sounds were used.In 1988 and 1989, Almajid discharged three collections: one Jalissa style and two studio collections. Probably the most well known hits from these collections include: Jatini Taqoli, Sayyad Al-Ghawani, Qasat Daiaa Abaid, Dai’atni, Wadatni, and so on.

The year 1993 was thought to be a defining moment for Almajid. He accomplished fame when he discharged two records that year: Adunya Hathooth and Allah Kareem. In 1996 Almajid discharged the collection Al-Musafir, which contained the tune Al-Musafir that turned into a web sensation and vanquished the highest point of most Arab music outlines. This collection is Almajid’s most elevated offering collection; it is evaluated at around one million duplicates sold. In 2002, Almajid discharged the collection Mashaklni which started a great deal of media consideration, basically because of the new heading Almajid was taking by including an exceptionally particular Emirati flavor to his tunes. Hussain Al Jasmi (artist) helped in the structure of the collection’s title tune Mashaklni. From 2003 onwards, Almajid avoided discharging studio collections and was content with discharging singles, generally with an Emirati impact. He likewise had and keeps on working together with vocalist/maker Faiz Asaed and the writer Sheik Hamdan receptacle Mohammed canister Rashid al Maktoum.

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